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By on October 20, 2013
Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is something a blogger uses to plan, schedule and organize the content for their blog, weeks or months in advance. It recently became clear to me that even the most successful bloggers are still resorting to Excel or using old school whiteboards to keep track of their editorial content.

Today I’m telling you why Basecamp is the better alternative.

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What Is Basecamp and How Can It Help Me?

Basecamp is a leading web-based project management tool that allows teams to work together simultaneously on the same project, even if they are in different parts of the world. It has many functions that any project manager would consider valuable, but for the social media manager – there are several features that stick out.

  • Basecamp has unique value as a blogging editorial calendar tool
  • It allows easy collaboration with different media, including images, video and text
  • It has an in-built messaging system for timeous team collaboration
  • It helps bloggers set to-do lists and plan around sales schedules
  • It assists bloggers in setting and achieving milestones for deadline control
  • It integrates with a number of apps for ‘out and about’ social media work
  • A safe place to store your shared files

As you can see, Basecamp is the ideal tool for the blogger that wants to create an editorial calendar that can be used by multiple users in the same business. Please note that we do not benefit in any way by recommending Basecamp to you, it’s just an excellent tool!

Basecamp calendar

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Social Media Impact recently asked Basecamp team member Kim Aardsma this question:


“In your opinion could Basecamp fill the gaping hole in the market right now for social media managers and content strategists that need to work with multiple people, multiple medias and be the program that replaces spread sheets when putting together editorial calendars for weekly content publication?”

Kim’s Answer:

“Totally. What I love about Basecamp is that there’s no wrong way to use it. If you have social media managers collaborating with content strategists, then the two teams can use Basecamp to create the concept for the project, assign to-dos to each other (or themselves), share files, and have discussions on all items. The calendar helps set deadlines for items or events, which is super important in the social media world.”

The Basecamp team believes in their product and so do we. It’s a great crossover platform that can be used by small business social media managers, bloggers and content strategists alike.

How You Can Use Basecamp as an Editorial Calendar

All of the functions that you need are waiting for you inside the Basecamp work area. Here is how you will be able to leverage Basecamp as a blogger.

Basecamp features

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Use the Calendar Section To:

• Set blog categories
• Set blog tags
• Set blog post keywords
• Set target audience goals for each blog post
• Create monthly / weekly post themes
• Set syndication process and network
• Set draft due date
• Set target action goal for the post (sign-up, comment, social click-through)

Use The Milestone and Writeboard Areas To:

• Set deadlines for other media inclusions
• Collaboration on original images, videos and podcasts
• Collaborate on sales content
• Discuss blog analytics progress, insights and changes
• Collaborate on new themes and campaigns for next month

To learn more about Basecamp, check out their (free) online classes here.

Want to Get Started With Basecamp? Watch This Video:

These are just some of the highly practical areas in Basecamp that would be very valuable to a blogger that needs to streamline their editorial calendar system. New writers and guest bloggers can be allowed access to the platform in order to improve the collaborative efforts in your blog network. Honestly, this platform is one of the best out there for content collaboration.

Do you think Basecamp is a great tool for your blog editorial calendar? If not, which program or method do you use to keep track of your blog post content strategies?

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